Latest News

March 2016

Duncan plays Captain Gregory in World War 1 short film The Victorious, in Ipswich, U.K.

December 2015

Duncan plays Officer Watson in short film Locked In, in Peterhead, U.K.

October 2015

Duncan plays Robert in short film Directions, in Glasgow.

Summer 2015

Duncan allocates Summer months to the development of multiple business and personal, matters and projects.

May 2015

Duncan plays cameo role of hardman Colin, in feature film Synced, in Glasgow.

March 2015

Duncan plays EDL thug Hunt, in major feature film ID2 : Shadwell Army, in Hull, UK

February 2015

Duncan plays lead role of Major Doug Bormann, in hard, action thriller, pilot episode of possible series Fanatic, in Glasgow and Stirlingshire.

January 2015

Duncan plays Robert “Boab” Baxter, in short film Prescription R., in Glasgow.

November 2014

Duncan plays Tom in short film Con, in Glasgow.
Duncan plays Iggy in short film Tanner Park, in Glasgow.

October 2014

TV / Web series FRANK, the pilot for which was originally filmed in 2011, and in which Duncan featured as the fixer Jim, is shot in Glasgow.

September 2014

Duncan plays Joe in short film A Quiet Day, in Glasgow.

August 2014

Duncan plays Producer 1 in online commercial The Runner for the Set Company, in Glasgow.

March 2014

Duncan plays lead role of Gregg McLaren in short film K’Nibble, in Glasgow.

Duncan plays The Trainer in music video S-Type Rosario, in Edinburgh.

February 2014

Duncan plays lead role of Detective Inspector Mitchum, in TV pilot Mitchum, in Glasgow.

January 2014

Duncan plays lead role Jerry Gallagher in short film Glory Hunter, in Glasgow.

December 2013

Duncan plays Frank Vincent iin online commercial for Whiskyblender, in Glasgow.

November 2013

Duncan plays lead role Duncan, in short film Fleshmarket Close, in Edinburgh.

September 2013

Duncan plays boxer in online commercial for Scott & Lyle, in Glasgow.

August 2013

Duncan makes cameo appearance as Jimmy, in short film Unsuitable, in Glasgow.

June 2013

Duncan in play Kiss of Death at Partick Burgh Halls, Glasgow. Part of the West End Festival.

April / May 2013

Duncan begins rehearsals for the play Kiss of Death by Simon Williams, being done in Glasgow – June 2013, by INSOMNIA.

Duncan joins U.K.’s Premier Actors organisation SPOTLIGHT !

March / April 2013

Duncan plays lead role Tam McLean in short film Jab, Cross, Hook, in Glasgow.

January 2013

Duncan plays Prison Officer Bandano in feature film Starred Up, in Belfast.

December 2012

Duncan plays lead voiceover role Danny McGuire, in short film The Greyness of Autumn, in Glasgow

September / October 2012

Duncan plays lead role Father O’Reilly, in short film The Priest with Two Guns, in Edinburgh

June 2012

Duncan plays Creon, in U.K.T.S. production of Antigone.

May 2012

Duncan plays Gerry Inglis, in short film Loan, in Glasgow.
Duncan plays Thommo, in short film Dust, in Glasgow.

March 2012

Duncan plays role of Commander Grier, in short film Violation, in Edinburgh.
Duncan plays main role of Iustitia, in short film of same name, Glasgow, and East Kilbride, U.K.

November 2011

Premiere of In Search of La Che, Glasgow, UK.

August / September 2011

Duncan in TV project Frank, Web TV Series, Glasgow, UK.

July 2011

Duncan to play regular Gary Black, in the TV comedy pilot Regulars, East Kilbride, UK.

April / May 2011

Duncan shoots the short film Snagged in London/Sittingbourne, UK.
Duncan plays Stephano, in the U.K.T.S. production of The Tempes.

March / April 2011

Duncan in 2 short films – Fate Waits, Short Film, Reading, UK, and Got It!, Short Film, Glasgow, UK.

February – April 2011

Finishing scenes to In Search of La Che film.

January 2011

Duncan to start work on 3 films – The Juice, Feature Film, London, UK Lisa Deserves Better, Short Film, Grangemouth, UK, and Brathair, Short Film, Glasgow, UK.
And the finishing scenes to In Search of La Che.

October 2010

Duncan begins first lead role in the short film In search of La Che in Glasgow, UK.
Duncan shoots the short film Godforsaken in High Wycombe/London, UK.

September 2010

Duncan shoots the short film Wrath of a Suffragette in Birmingham, UK.

August 2010

Duncan shoots the short film Civilisation in Glasgow, UK
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