Scotland’s first ever THREE weight division WORLD Champion in Combat Sports

• 1995, W.KO. World, Cruiserweight Kick Boxing
• 1998, I.S.K.A. World, Super Cruiserweight Thai Boxing
• 2001, W.K.N. World, Heavyweight Thai Boxing

Scotland’s first and ONLY K-1 fighter

  • 1999 – 2004, Japan, U.K., International

Scotland’s first ever international Thai Boxing Champion

  • 1993, W.KA. Commonwealth, Super LightHeavyweight

Scotland’s first ever WORLD Thai Boxing Champion

  • 1998, I.S.K.A. World, Super Cruiserweight

Scotland’s first ever challenger for a WORLD Thai Boxing Title

  • 1997, K.I.C.K. World, Cruiserweight

Scotland’s first ever WORLD Kick Boxing Champion

  • 1995, W.K.O. World, Cruiserweight

Inducted into the:

  • WHFSC – World Head of Family Sokeship Council WORLD Martial Arts HALL of FAME as “Fighter of the Year” in 1996

5 YEARS in a row (1996-2000) awarded:

  • Fighter of the Year” by WHFSC, at the WORLD Martial Arts HALL of FAME

Scotland’s most successful and well known International ring-fighter!