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January - February 2019

Duncan changes agent / management, and signs with
major London and Los Angeles based agent. I.A.M. : International Artists Management.

November - December 2018

2018 ends positively for Duncan with major changes
and good developments in the pipeline.

October 2018

Duncan does cameo role of Eddie the gangster, in Edinburgh based episode of Portuguese soap opera A Teia.

September 2018

Outlaw King receives it’s premiere, at the TIFF : Toronto International Film Festival.

September 2018

Duncan plays Foreman MacLeod in short film
“A Song Still Inside”

August 2018

The first trailer for Outlaw King is released !

May - July 2018

  • Duncan does major interview with big media website
  • Duncan wins the
    IAmFilm Quarterly Award
    for best actor in a movie scene, for his portrayal of Captain Gregory in the short film The Victorious, in 2016

April 2018

  • Duncan plays the “Gangsman” in well known TV series Outlander : Series 4/Episode 9.
  • Duncan plays the character Wadard in medieval Scottish short film Wild is the North.

March 2018

Tomb Raider released around the World, to great critical acclaim. Duncan interviewed in various TV, newspapers, and magazines.

February 2018

The release of Tomb Raider, in which Duncan plays the role of Terry, the fight trainer to Lara Croft, has been announced. It is on general release on March 16th, of this year, 2018.

February 2018

The release of Outlaw King, in which Duncan plays the role of nasty English soldier Beaumont, has been announced. It is on general release on November 23rd, of this year, 2018.

January 2018

Duncan launches new website.