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2024 news


Duncan begins rehearsals for play One Sugar, Stirred To The Left, taking place at the Edinburgh Festival in August of this year, where he plays the co-lead role of Hamish.

May / June

Duncan plays co-lead role of Brendan in music video for the song – One True Pairing, by the band Be Strong, shot in Glasgow.

Duncan continues ongoing work on his music.


Duncan features in the Greene King commercial for the Euros football tournament, shot in Manchester.


Duncan receives great news that he has been issued the big O-1 Visa for the United States, allowing him to work on any major film/tv, he may be cast in there, along with other creative and music projects.


The film Les Paradis de Diane, in which Duncan plays the role of Dick, has its international premiere, at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival on the 18th of the month.


Wishing everyone a happy and successful year ahead.

2023 news


Duncan cast in play –
“One Sugar, Stirred to the Left”,
being performed at the 2024
Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Duncan plays angry football fan Roy,
in FSCS Pensions commercial,
in Quorn / Loughborough, England.


Duncan plays football dad Mike,
in 1503 – The FA – UK&I – Euro 2028 commercial, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Summer 2023

Duncan auditioning for major projects.
Continuing ongoing work on music.


Duncan plays the role of agitated man Leo, in feature film Olly, in London, England, directed by Oscar winning director Steve McQueen.

Duncan continuing to work heavily on bringing his music out.


Duncan plays the role of Geo in short film Care & Repair, in Greenock Scotland.

Wishing everyone a happy and successful year ahead.

2022 news


Duncan does new professional photoshoot for marketing and promotional use.

October / November

Duncan auditioning for more major film
and TV projects, both for UK. and US.


Duncan plays the role of Joe, in BBC TV drama series Crime.

July & August

Duncan auditioning for major film and TV drama projects.

Duncan continues to work on songs for first album.


Duncan plays the role of Simon, in training film for the charity S.A.M.H. – Scottish Action on Mental Health.


Duncan plays role of gang thug McKenna, in Bollywood TV series Udaarian.

March / April

Duncan auditioning for major film and TV projects.


Duncan plays the role of John, in short film We Are Too Many, in Glasgow, Scotland.


Wishing everyone a happy, successful, and peaceful year ahead.

2021 news

iD2 Netflix

November 2021

The film id2 : Shadwell Army, in which  Duncan plays the role of stupid thug Hunt, Is released on the Netflix platform.
A great photo of Duncan as Hunt is used, for the film’s profile on the platform !

October 2021

Duncan plays cameo role of Nazi psycho Fahig in low-budget feature film Dick Dynamite, in Culross, Fife, Scotland.

August 2021

Duncan fully double vaccinated against COVID19.

July 2021

Duncan plays the role of Jimmy, in short film by U.W.S. graduates, Hostile Architecture, in Glasgow, Scotland.

June 2021

Duncan plays the role of manager Billy (Dickson) in new Jewson social media commercial, in Wolverhampton, England.

April / May 2021

With the slow easing of lockdown because of the global pandemic, Duncan, along with his team, heavily focused on working on their own film and t.v. projects.

Duncan auditioning for big projects !

Feb / Mar 2021

Duncan continues working on developing and rebuilding his music that seriously came back to the fore of his endeavours,
during the Summer lockdown of 2020.
New section coming soon on this website for all his musical developments.

January 2021

Duncan plays the role of border agent Roberts in short film Go Home, in Glasgow.

January 2021

Despite the ongoing dreadful, global Covid 29 pandemic, Duncan starts 2021 positively with auditions for some major projects.
And having been working heavily on all his music that he rediscovered in 2020, he is getting closer to having some releases in 2021 !

January 2021

Happy New Year to all !

2020 news

November 2020

Duncan plays lead role of Police Chief Montgomery, in quality web series – Death & Resurrection.

November 2020

Duncan receives an award nomination for “outstanding actor” for his performance in Autumn Never Dies, at the US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards, in Hollywood, California.

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October 2020

Duncan plays the role of Alfie the Trainer, in the film WebCrawler, a three part film web series, in London.

September 2020

Duncan does ADR session for the big Christmas musical film Jingle Jangle, due for release in November 2020 on Netflix,  in which he played the character Constable (Carruthers).

July - August 2020

Having not worked on his musical interests for many years, Duncan begins again to work on and develop his music, both new material and many songs he wrote over 25/30 years ago!

May - June 2020

Duncan nominated for Best Actor Award, of the Indie Film Awards for his performance of the lead character Danny, as the short film Autumn Never Dies continues to win awards and to be highly praised in major, international film festivals!

April 2020

Autumn Never Dies, the short comedy film, in which Duncan plays the lead character Danny (the ostrich), receives great reviews from many critique sites nationally and internationally !

march 2020

With the global pandemic from COVID19 putting the entire creative industries into a major hiatus, Duncan does the same, and takes time out to work on his skills and abilities.

march 2020

Duncan plays the role of main gangster boss Paul McKissack in low budget feature film Extortion, being filmed in Scotland over the course of 2020.

march 2020

Autumn Never Dies, the sequel to the comedy short film The Greyness of Autumn, in which Duncan plays lead character Danny, the Ostrich, is released.

The Greyness of Autumn was very critically well received when released and won various international awards at film festivals around the World !

January - February 2020

2020 off to a good start with Duncan auditioning for Major film and T.V. projects !

2019 news

November 2019

Duncan cast as a featured artist in two major commercials –

1. The new U.K. commercial for EE, the major telecommunications company,


2. The new T.V. commercial for the Bank of Scotland.

November 2019

Duncan plays the role of Dick, in international, independent feature film Les Paradis de Diane, filmed in Benidorm, Spain.

October 2019

Duncan plays cameo role of Jim, in short film Invigilators, in Edinburgh.

September 2019

Duncan plays Mr. Ellis the teacher, in the play Auggies, being performed at the Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs, Scotland.

August 2019

Duncan cast as Mr. Ellis, in the play Auggies, being performed at the Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs, outside Glasgow, in September.

September 2019

Duncan plays the role of Dad (Charlie), in short film OPAL,  filmed in Perth, Scotland.

June 2019

Duncan plays Englishman Clive in major Bollywood feature film ’83.

June 2019

Duncan plays Constable Carruthers in Christmas musical Jingle Jangle, featuring Forrest Whitaker.

May 2019

Duncan cast in a featured role,
in massive Summer musical comedy Jingle Jangle, being filmed in London.

May 2019

Duncan signs with Voiceover agent Red Door Vision, for voiceover and voice actor work.

April 2019

 Duncan lands role in major Bollywood film ’83 being filmed in Scotland. He continues  to plan and organise moving to London.

March 2019

Duncan takes time out to organise moving to London.

January - February 2019

  Duncan changes agent/management, and signs with major London and
Los Angeles based agent – I.A.M. : International Artists Management.

2018 news

November - December 2018

2018 ends positively for Duncan with major changes and good developments in the pipeline.

September 2018

Outlaw King receives it’s premiere, at the TIFF : Toronto International Film Festival.

October 2018

Duncan does cameo role of Eddie the gangster, in Edinburgh based episode 
of Portuguese soap opera A Teia.

September 2018

Duncan plays Foreman MacLeod in short film “A Song Still Inside”

August 2018

The first trailer for Outlaw King is released !

April 2018

  • Duncan plays the “Gangsman” in well known TV series Outlander : Series 4/Episode 9.
  • Duncan plays the character Wadard in medieval Scottish short film Wild is the North.

May - July 2018

  • Duncan does major interview with big media website IndieActivity 
  • Duncan wins the
    IAmFilm Quarterly Award
    for best actor in a movie scene, for his portrayal of Captain Gregory in the short film The Victorious, in 2016

February 2018

The release of Outlaw King, in which Duncan plays the role of nasty English soldier Beaumont, has been announced. It is on general release on November 23rd, of this year, 2018.

March 2018

Tomb Raider released around the World, to great critical acclaim. Duncan interviewed in various TV, newspapers, and magazines.

February 2018

The release of Tomb Raider, in which Duncan plays the role of Terry, the fight trainer to Lara Croft, has been announced. It is on general release on March 16th, of this year, 2018.

January 2018

Duncan launches new website.