Duncan airlie james

Musician – Reawakening


The first lockdown during the 2021 / 2022 Covid19 pandemic, from March 2020 forwards, was a very tough time, not only for me but for millions of other people around the World. Plans, careers, potential, all had to be put on hold whilst the Covid virus ravaged virtually every country and took thousands of people.

It was during this first lockdown that I “rediscovered” a whole load of songs that I had put down as demos – on cassette tapes many years before in the early 90’s, just as my sport career was beginning to take off ! After converting them all into digital versions, I was truly knocked back by just how good and how relevant I felt these songs still were. It was almost like a light coming on. So many memories of what had been happening during those years, and the events, etc, that had stirred me to write them back then.

I mean, I had always still “dabbled” in music, doing basic practice of my instruments, messing about with musical ideas, etc. But back then in the early/mid 90’s, just around when I had put the songs down as demos, my focus had definitely switched from being a rock musician, to which I had dedicated over ten years of my life at that point, to being a professional sportsman, and aiming to get to the top in that field.

Now, hearing these songs again after all these years, I felt a flood of excitement, energy, and indeed, a good deal of confusion about what to do ? I had achieved masses in my sport career that I had chosen to switch to from music way back, had got to the top, and won a whole load of titles and fought on some of the biggest promotions in the World. After that career came to a natural finish, I had then dedicated myself to the new career of becoming a genuine, professional and successful actor, a journey which I am very much still on.

And now, here was all this music I had done years before, shouting at me saying “Hey, now it’s our time as well” ! What to do ? Put these songs “back in the box”, and ignore the obvious reawakening I had for them, as well as also stimulating me to do NEW material as well, which was really so exciting for me. Or bring them back, so to speak, and become a “proper’ musician again.

So, that’s what I did ! I realised that I had to get my songs all redone and out to the World, and hopefully find that other people liked and enjoyed them, and got something from them. With the most exciting thing I’ve found, being the stimulation for, and excitement about, writing new, original material!

And as we begin 2022, that process is now fully underway! I am working away, redoing many of these songs – and a few new ones, for a first album, which will be appropriately entitled – FULL CIRCLE

Stay tuned……….