Duncan airlie james

Musician – Timeline


A brief “potted history” of Duncan’s journey as a musician….

Mid - Late 1970’sDuncan in first bands.
1980EARPLAY formed, with brother Ross Campbell and John Lunn. The band described as Glasgow’s answer to Talking Heads!
1980 - 1981Earplay becoming popular around Glasgow, playing gigs and doing demos.
1981 - 1982Earplay sign a publishing deal with Chrysalis Records. Move to London. Play various gigs and record single.
1983Earplay split in Spring of ’83. Duncan moves back to Glasgow.
1983 - 1984Duncan playing session drums for various Glasgow bands. Writing and developing own songs. Begins playing bass guitar.
1984 - 1985Duncan forms new band GLOW, with Jim Muotune. Band described as “Wham, with rock guitar”. Glow record demos and play gigs in Glasgow scene.
1985Glow sign a record deal with Arista Records. The band record two singles, produced by the well-known producer Zeus B. Held. Glow play quite a few local gigs.
1985 - 1986Due to musical differences, Glow split late 1985. Duncan working on and developing songs / material.
1986Duncan forms new band ONLY THE DEEP with guitarist Mike Kinsella and drummer Iain MacKay. Duncan lead vox and bass guitar.
1987 - 1988Only The Deep do demos and play loads of gigs in local scene. The band approach major record companies in London, early in 1988, looking to secure record deal. Lots of interest and praise for the band but no ‘bite”. One record company executive gives the statement - “you guys are really original.......but we’re not looking for anything original just now”. The band return to Glasgow, and realise they aren’t going to go any further. Band split in April of 1988. Duncan decides to move to Boston, U.S.A.
1990Duncan moves to Boston, U.S.A.
1992 - 1995Duncan returns to Glasgow, and lays down all his songs as top quality demos.
2022Duncan “returns” as a pro artist / musician!