fight Career milestones

Scotland’s first ever THREE weight division WORLD Champion in Combat Sports

• 1995, W.KO. World, Cruiserweight Kick Boxing
• 1998, I.S.K.A. World, Super Cruiserweight Thai Boxing
• 2001, W.K.N. World, Heavyweight Thai Boxing

Scotland’s first ever WORLD Thai Boxing Champion

1998, I.S.K.A. World, Super Cruiserweight

Inducted into the:

WHFSC – World Head of Family Sokeship Council WORLD Martial Arts HALL of FAME as “Fighter of the Year” in 1996

Scotland’s first and ONLY K-1 fighter

1999 – 2004, Japan, U.K., International

Scotland’s first ever challenger for a WORLD Thai Boxing Title

1997, K.I.C.K. World, Cruiserweight

5 YEARS in a row (1996-2000) awarded:

Fighter of the Year” by WHFSC, at the WORLD Martial Arts HALL of FAME

Scotland’s first ever international Thai Boxing Champion

1993, W.KA. Commonwealth, Super LightHeavyweight

Scotland’s most successful and well known International ring-fighter!